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Jean Sandrock

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Jean Sandrock Art & Design
Middleton, WI
(608) 628-8407


Jean Sandrock Art & Design studio was established in 1979. During my career I have provided custom calligraphy services, large designs for church conventions, and hand-drawn logo designs. I also created products representing specific themes (e.g. Christmas ornament designs), city-related designs for products from candy bars to mugs and sweatshirts, and many original designs to celebrate family events. My work has been published in Bed & Breakfast U.S.A and The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook. Jean Sandrock Art & Design is original, custom, and unique.

Mission Statement

Art is an expression created from a person's knowledge, skill, experience and imagination. Art takes thoughtful planning and an understanding of color, scale and design. Skills are developed over time as one practices, explores and creates a style. Experience means doing things many times and making mistakes until the work is just right. Creativity is allowing one's imagination to come forward and become visible.

My current work in paper collage is a culmination of my calligraphy, pen and ink illustration and graphic design skills. As an abstract artist, I now work with beautiful textured papers, creating and combining colors, layers and embellishments. The final work touches each observer in a unique way.

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